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86 Trafalgar Road
Tuross Head.

This residence has been designed by Michael to take advantage of the spectacular 180º views over the Tuross Lake from the sea to the mountains. It is also a triangular block on a corner.

It has as one of its features 8 different hardwoods for the living room floor.

In the centre of the floor is an etched brass plaque that indicates the scientific and common name for each of the timbers. This project also included the major construction of the landscaping in conjunction with the owners.




90 Nelson Parade
Tuross Head.

The house was designed by Michael to take the best advantage of the block, the aspect, the views and of course the clients lifestyle demands.

The pictures of the models shows to what extent we had to go through to show to council that the house is not a 3-storey house (which from the plans could have been mistaken as). There was also a small amount of the roof that broke through the building envelope.

There were over a half dozen meetings with council staff who had trouble reading the plans and insisted that the house was a 3-storey house.

It took over nine months to get council approval and in the end the house was dug into the block by 500mm so the building envelope was not broken and the house was approved by the councillors themselves, not as a 3-storey house, but as a house with architectural merit.

It is a lovely house and we have been commended on it regularly, so, in the end, it was worth the effort involved in getting approval.





8 Marlin Street
Tuross Head.

This design by Michael involved a major renovation of an old house, most of which had to be demolished and removal of asbestos sheeting before comencement of the new works.

This project involves new orientation of the roof to take advantage of the northern aspect as well as larger living rooms and bedrooms.

New verandahs around the north and eastern side as well as a workshop in the back yard.

The interesting thing is that the house next door is exactly the same, built by the same builder at the same time. This means that the owners have a before and after everytime they stand on the street and look at their lovely home.


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18 Headland Grove,
South Head Moruya.

This design by Michael of a new residence is located in a extreme bush fire area. Once we had done the Bush fire report, we had to use particular building materials to satisfy the NSW Rural Fire Sevice requirments.

The house is orientated north and substancial clearing was required.

The house will be a render brick finish and is designed to make the best use of the block within the limitations of councils and RFS requirements.

The clients wanted an innovative and original design with lots of surprising moments and were happy to give Michael his head. They are very happy with the result.




53 Berriman Drive

This project is an extension to both ends of an existing dwelling. Block work at the back and weatherboard on the front.
The problem for Michael, with this design, was how to turn a long rectangular building into something interesting.

Using all his experience of melding the exotic with the mundane, Michael added an octagonal open living room with a cathedral ceiling showing off a beautiful Australian hardwood, pine lined ceiling to the front and a new bedroom with an overhanging eave at the rear. Things of stone and wood are always complimentary.

The windows in the house are aluminium on the outside and cedar on the inside.

This will give a warm feel to the inside living area and not require high maintenance.


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33 Beatty Crescent

Tuross Head

Yet another block perfectly situated to take in the breath-taking Tuross Head coastline, this house was designed by Michael to take advantage of this as much as possible.

A large dining/lounge room which opens up onto a deck giving a 135˚ view from the back of the house to the ocean is one of the main features.

The master bedroom takes reign on the upper floor, with two bedrooms and a family room making up the majority of the lower floor.

This design takes into account the client’s desire for a coastal holiday home that also doubles as a place of business.

The most innovative part of the design is Michael's decision to build a raking ridge which has resulted in an amazing curved roof and ceiling making it another distinctive beautiful house in Tuross.


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131 Tuross Boulevard

Tuross Head

Another unique design by Michael and a show piece for the show piece that is Tuross Boulevard. Three L’s make up the design of this house, they being Location, Look and Landscaping.

This house takes advantage of the length of its block, situated across the road from the Pacific Ocean (nice neighbour). The house is composed of three levels meaning that the ground floor footing needed to be dug in approximately two and half metres in accordance with the Eurobodalla Shire Council’s current building envelope regulations.

The ground floor is made up of a large double garage and one of the four bedrooms within the house. The first floor has been constructed with entertainment in mind, featuring a large open-plan lounge and dining area, which opens up onto small deck looking out over the ocean. The upper floor has been constructed with the client’s privacy in mind, composed of a bedroom ensuite combination. This opens up to and large, open deck overlooking the floor below and giving our clients a king-of-the-castle experience when they wake up each morning to a sunrise over the surf and sea.


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156 Hector McWilliam Drive

Tuross Head

Yet another large house commissioned for Michael to design and looking to take advantage of the beautiful views over the Tuross Golf Course, Coila Lake and the northern coastline to Bingi.

This house boasts a large open dining, lounge and kitchen area with a large, beautiful feature floor composed of Sydney Blue Gum.

Two feature walls using a unique, internal weatherboard design complement the feature floor that opens up onto a large deck to take advantage of the aforementioned views.

The ground floor contains the majority of the rooms in the house with the sub-floor being utilised as a rumpus room. The recessed entry into the house is cleverly designed between garages on either side to give privacy whether going to the door or from a car within the garage.


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